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Plastic For Sale – PC/PET Virgin Pellets

PC/PET Virgin Pellet for Sale (In Stock)  200,000 pounds

Original Packaging

Assorted Colors

Makroblend  UT-250

(PC+PET)-blend, impact modified, easy release, injection molding. Makroblend UT250 offers high heat resistance, good chemical resistance and flowability. Additionally, molded parts from UT250 having exceptional dimensional stability.

Contact:  mike@domplas.com. (631) 751-1995.

SEE DATA SHEET: https://plastics.ulprospector.com/datasheet/e149347/makroblend-ut250



3D printing: PLA blends that are stronger than ABS

Via Plastics.gl

The standard 3D printing material for technical parts is ABS. It is used mainly due to its softening temperature of more than 105°C and its high mechanical stability. Now the company TwoBEars GbR, Germany, has introduced new high performance PLA blends that are stronger than ABS. The material also features special optic and haptic properties making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Read more at: http://www.plastics.gl/3d-printing-2/pla-blends-for-3d-printing-are-stronger-than-abs/