About Domino Plastics

Plastic Scrap Buyers

Domino Plastics Company is a full-service plastic recycling company. We buy and sell most types of plastic scrap.  Our nationwide warehouses ensure fast US plastic scrap pickup.  We offer plastic waste pickup for businesses in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our headquarters are in Port Jefferson, New York with warehouses strategically located across the US to ensure speedy pickup. We’ve been in business for thirty five years, with a long history of reliable service and payment integrity.  We present our bank and trade references with pride.

We’re seeking all post industrial plastic scrap. Determine the price of your plastic scrap, contact Domino Plastics today to offer your materials and get a fast plastic price quote. For fastest quotes text your plastic material pictures and details to (516) 972-5632, or email Joe@domplas.com.  Click here to view recycled plastic materials now in stock at Domino Plastics.

“In the world of the Plastic’s Scrap business, there is one company that has been recycling plastic waste into usable products before the term “go green” for the environment was even a vision in people’s minds. Domino Plastics, since 1983, has been collecting, sorting, melting, exporting, chopping and reselling plastic scrap. The company’s founder and CEO, Michael Domino, estimates that his company has probably kept billions of pounds of plastic scrap out of our planet’s landfills and waterways. Domino does his business because he loves doing it and has always felt he was doing a service to our ecology and economy by recycling plastic scrap. Even after almost 30 years Mike’s eyes still light up when he hold a flower pot or paint tray or plastic coat hanger made from his scrap material. To Domino, it has always been a labor of love and what we proudly describe as “more art than business”–Michael Primont, President, Plastic Boulevard Company.

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